Hours and Rates - Effective 12/1/22


We work by appointment Monday thru Saturday.
Morning, Afternoon and Evening


Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Associate Therapist Rates

One Hour Massage - $98.00 plus tax*
Half Hour Massage - $53.00 plus tax*
One & Half Hour Massage - $150.00 plus tax*
Two Hour Massage - $196.00 plus tax*

Senior Therapist and Manual Lymph Drainage Rates (MLD)

One Hour Massage or MLD - $115.00 plus tax*
Half Hour Massage or MLD - $60.00 plus tax*
One & Half Hour Massage or MLD - $175.00 plus tax*
Two Hour Massage - $230.00 plus tax*

*If you have a script from a doctor or note from a chiropractor you don't have to pay sales tax.

A 3.5% Credit Card Processing Fee is added to all credit charges including prepayment on this site. This can be avoided by paying for the service by cash or check, at the time of the appointment.

Additional Services

House call minimum additional - $40.00 (may be more depending on location)

Please call for an appointment or gift certificate: 908-534-1930.

Our fees are due at time of service.  Upon request at the time of service we can provide receipts for medical expense account reimbursement or tax purposes*. Although it is rare that health insurance covers therapeutic massage sometimes medical expense accounts will reimburse massage fees* especially if the patient has a prescription from an MD. (*The patient must consult their tax advisor to see if therapeutic massage is a deductible expense and their health insurance company to see if they will be reimbursed from their medical expense account.)


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