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Although therapeutic massage does not require a referral from medical doctors if a patient does have a referral from an MD or chiropractor he/she is not required to pay sales tax in NJ and will have a better chance of getting reimbursed from a medical expense account.

The MTG can provide receipts upon request at time of service which may be applied to itemized deductions for tax purposes* or medical expense account reimbursement*.  It is, however, an out of pocket expense that is rarely covered directly by health insurance. (*The patient would need to consult their tax accountant to see if it is a deductible expense and their health insurance to see if it will be reimbursed from a medical expense account.)


Healthcare Providers we network with

Julie Ann Juliano MD - South Branch Family Practice

Jean Golden-Tevald, DO, CFCMC, FCP, IFMCP - MorningStar Family Health Center

Edward J. Fleming, MD, CFCMC - MorningStar Family Health Center

Dean Rummel MPT - Physical Therapy Plus NJ

Diane Kuschel Advanced Certified Rolfer

Laura Duffy LMT, NMT, Shiatsu

Ron Heeron DC

James Cameron DC

Jody Serra DC - Center for Natural Health and Rehabilitation

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