What Our Clients Say

  • "Let me begin by saying that I am not a newbie to massage therapy. I have lots of experience in having massages, but have never had the level of satisfaction that I have experienced with my therapist at The Massage Therapy Group. I started my sessions as a precursor to surgery (double mastectomy). Knowing that I had some issues with demineralization in my neck, as well as prior shoulder surgery, I wanted to have my body as prepared as possible. It was my primary care physician who gave me The Massage Therapy Group's information and I have ever grateful. I have been having sessions weekly and have found steady progress. The numbness in my left arm has ceased and I fell so very much prepared for the upcoming surgical event. I give my wholehearted recommendation to anyone considering massage therapy with Massage Therapy Group. "
    P.F. from Branchburg
  • "Take it from an aging athlete; my massage therapist is able to monitor any areas of concern and help me stay healthy. She has the ability to spot any trouble area as well as keep me active in general. The Massage Therapy Group's an asset to any person who wants to be active as well as anyone who wants to reduce the stress in and on their body."
    Eric, age 39
  • "As a runner who logs 50-60 miles a week when training for my annual spring marathon, I trust my therapist at The Massage Therapy Group to facilitate recovery and assist with active healing and rest. Regular deep tissue sports massages enhance my overall performance and contribute to my general health and wellbeing."
    Alysia, age 40
  • "After suffering with fibromyalgia for years, my doctor recommended therapeutic massage to assist in my pain management. After a few months, I noticed significant reduction in my fibromyalgia pain, and also pain relief from earlier back surgery and ongoing spinal stenosis. It's been 15 years since I started going to the Massage Therapy Group and I don't know how I'd function without my monthly treatment. Thanks!"
    Tom G. of Neshanic Station
  • "About two years ago, I was experiencing pain in my lower back. This pain affected my sleep and daily living. My massage therapist at Massage Therapy Group, began treating me specifically for my complaints. She has worked on me weekly for the past two years. Today, my pain is gone! Occasionally I will have some discomfort, which my weekly massage therapy diminishes. I also regularly exercise now about three times a week."
    Barbara of Whitehouse Station
  • "Through the Massage Therapy Group, I've been able to manage my pain, increase my flexibility and deal with stress better. The massage therapist was able to identify areas that were causing me discomfort and went right to work, with manipulation and hot stones to relax my sore muscles and stretching to restore the mobility I had been lacking. I strongly recommend The Massage Therapy Group to anyone who is looking for pain relief without drugs and a relaxing, invigorating, restorative experience."
    JR of Lebanon NJ
  • "My job requires a great deal of lengthy travel in airplanes and sitting for long periods in uncomfortable chairs. Over 15 years ago my massage therapist at The Massage Therapy Group helped me recover from serious, chronic pain and inflexibility associated with my neck and shoulder. Since then I have found that seeing her regularly for "maintenance" helps prevent small issues from becoming big ones."
    A grateful client, Clinton
  • "Gail is my massage therapist whom I would and do recommend often. There isn't any fluff in her deep tissue techniques. If you have real aches, pains, tightness, nerve entrapment, as I do, then you want a real therapist. And Gail is as real as they get. Knowledgeable, thorough and results-oriented. I wouldn't be swimming long distances without her assistance. And I also would never have learned where my supraspinatus was! I would also note that Gail is a real down-to-earth good soul of a person too!"
    G.C. age 57 Hunterdon County
  • "I started going to The Massage Therapy Group (MTG) when an MRI revealed at least a partial tear to two of my muscles that make up the rotator cuff. I couldn't even hold a glass of orange juice in the morning without feeling that my arm would collapse. I had no left arm strength (my dominant arm). An orthopedic surgeon told me that my only chance for recovery was an operation which I did not want to do. I went to the MTG at my family doctor's recommendation for this condition and through deep tissue massage and specific stretching, my massage therapist got me to a neutral state where I could resume light exercise to build my rotator cuff again. After about five months, I was able to play tennis again 3 times a week. I never did have the operation. Massage therapy has helped with other health issues and it's worth doing just for a "feel good" massage. I've been going to the MTG for about ten years now and there's a reason for that … they're very good at what they do!"
    Rich from Branchburg says
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